About Us

EDOGIS Core Values

We commit to SERVICE to all our clients with utmost HONESTY delivered in a TRANSPARENT, courteous and fair manner.


Institutionalise sustainable, equitable land administration and land use as the bedrock for socio-economic growth.


  • Be the catalyst for sustainable development by providing cutting edge services across the state.
  • Enhance economic growth by facilitating strategic economic settlements within the state
  • Enhance veritable, viable and equitable community based land administration and land use


The agency has the responsibility (amongst others) to:

  1. Establish and regulate the standards to be applied in the compilation of data relating to land and its administration in the State.
  2. Repository and management of master plans, district plans, survey information and dataset including charges for services.
  3. Undertake registration of all land titles and instruments in the State including but not limited to issuance of certificates and recertification of land instruments in cases where certification had been carried out before the coming into force of this law.
  4. Supervision of all Land Use Allocation Committees in the State.
  5. Processing and grant of Certificates of Occupancy, Rights of Occupancy and grants of Consent to land transactions as required by Law.

These various titles including C of O’s are endorsed and ratified by the Edo State Government and provide the protection of the state to land and property owners.


Section 21

Except as may be otherwise stated in this law, every document of interest or title to Land in Edo State shall be registered in accordance with the provisions of this Law including those previously registered with the Ministry of Lands and Surveys before the commencement of this Law.

Section 22

Any person, who has power to assign or is entitled in law or equity to any land, is required by this law to apply to be registered as the land holder.

Section 37

As from 24 months from the commencement of this law, no registrable instrument shall be pleaded or given in evidence in any Court of Law as affecting land in the State unless it has been duly registered as required under this law.

Section 41

Notwithstanding any provisions in this Law, all lands held in common by several persons or community (Community Land) shall be registered at the Lands Registry under this Law.

Section 42

(1)All existing certificates of occupancy shall cease to be valid upon expiration of (24) twenty four months after the commencement of this Law.

(2)All existing certificates of occupancy must be re-registered in compliance with this law and holders of such certificates shall be issued with new, electronic certificates of occupancy.